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Pennsylvania Online Sports Betting

Pennsylvania is rated among the top sports betting states in the U.S. Over a dozen different online sportsbooks operate in the Keystone State.

Players must be at least 21 years old and reside physically in Pennsylvania to sign up for any sportsbook.

Following the passage of the Expanded Gaming Act (H.B. 271, 2017 Pa. Gen. Assemb., Reg. Sess. (Pa. 2017)), online betting is legal in Pennsylvania. Gamers can place bets online using licensed gambling operators in the state.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board issues licenses to casino operators interested in running an online gambling platform. Owners of unlicensed Pennsylvania online sports betting platforms risk facing misdemeanor charges and may end up paying significant fines to the state.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is the custodian and regulatory agency for all licensed sportsbooks. Although you don't need to be a state resident to place a sports bet, all eligible players must place sports bets within the state's geographical area. In addition, betters must be above the legal age limit to register and place sports bets in Pennsylvania.

It is legal to bet on college and national-level sports events. But, the state prohibits player prop bets on college athletes. Furthermore, the State prevents players from placing bets on high school sports events.

How Old do you Have to be to Sports Bet in Pennsylvania?

You must be above 21 years to place a sports bet in Pennsylvania. The Gaming Control Board requires sportsbooks to implement age-verification software on their platforms to enforce the age limit.

Before registering an account with Sportsbooks, you must input your social security number, driver's license, or any state-issued I.D.

However, some residents bypass these rules by applying with offshore sportsbooks. Some offshore sportsbooks may place the minimum age limit at 18 years old.

Note: Offshore gambling sites are unlicensed, and it is illegal to gamble on these platforms. You are more likely to lose funds or personal data by using unlicensed platforms.

Is it Okay to Bet on an Unlicensed Site?

Betting on an unlicensed online sportsbook opens you to several risks. Players who use illegal PA online sportsbooks may suffer different consequences, some of which include:

No Fair Play Guarantee

Third-party auditors often test licensed gambling sites to ensure their software's fairness. Unlicensed sites often tamper with their software, thus making you lose games.

Loss of Private and Financial Data

Most unlicensed gambling sites do not invest in top-notch security features for their website. You may lose your personal and financial data to cyber theft and fraud. Also, unlicensed operators may sell your data to data companies.

How do I identify if a PA Online Sportsbook is Licensed or Unlicensed?

You can differentiate licensed sites from unlicensed ones via the presence of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board seal. You may find this seal on the front page or the "About Us" page. Also, they usually have an iGaming license number alongside the certification seal. That said, you may also identify unlicensed sites via the following features:

The Website's Security Feature

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board requires licensed sports betting websites to use top-level security features. Furthermore, the security feature must come from an approved software brand. However, most unlicensed gambling sites may not invest in securing their sites.

Outrageous Bonuses and Offers

There's a chance the gambling site is unlicensed if the bonuses or promotions seem too good to be true. Pennsylvania charges gambling operators 34 percent of their earnings, thus reducing their ability to offer competitive bonuses.

Before you deposit or trade on any PA sports betting platform, look to compare the bonuses with other betting sites. Don't use it if there's a massive gap in bonuses or promotions.

Delayed Payment

Popular payment platforms do not liaise with unlicensed gambling sites. This makes it difficult for these platforms to send your payments on time. Sometimes, the platforms may intentionally delay your winnings or add bogus charges before sending funds.

Absence of a Book to Book Transfer

You can transfer your funds from one sportsbook to the other in a book-to-book transfer. Book-to-book transfers are quite common in licensed and legal sports betting platforms. However, unlicensed or fraudulent sites lack this feature since other licensed sportsbooks do not wish to liaise with them.

Bad Website Design

A wrong website design is also a tell-tale sign for identifying unlicensed sites. Licensed sports betting sites often invest in a professional and efficient UI/UX design. So, it's best to avoid placing bets if the website has a lot of spammy links, slow loading speed, and non-functioning pages.

Unresponsive Customer Care Service

It is a sign that you are dealing with an unlicensed site if you don't get a fast response after sending an email. Undoubtedly, most licensed sports betting sites have a well-equipped customer care department to attend to all complaints within a day.

Is it Okay to Join More than One Betting Site?

Yes, it's all right to have more than one betting account with different Sportsbooks or gambling sites. However, players must not have multiple accounts with the same PA sports betting site. Betting sites often use the Know-Your-Customer protocol to prevent you from opening more than one account.

Can you Bet on Horses Online in Penn?

You can place bets on real and virtual horse racing in Pennsylvania. TVGand Bet America are some of the most popular horse racing gambling sites in the state. Some of these legal sports betting platforms allow you to stream up to 5 horse racing events simultaneously and without placing a bet. To place bets on live or virtual horse racing, you must register on these platforms and stake your bets.

Review of the Top Online Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania.

Sports betting in Pennsylvania became legal in 2017 and online sportsbooks became legal two years later in 2019. All legal sports betting in Pennsylvania is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board(PGCB). Some PA online sportsbooks are affiliated with live sportsbooks and casinos, while others are standalone websites and mobile app options.

1.BetMGM PA Online Sportsbook

BetMGM’s sportsbook has developed a firm reputation as one of the best online sportsbooks in the country. Factors contributing to this well-deserved reputation include a sleek and user-friendly application, a large variety of bets and odds, and generous bonuses and promotions.

Starting with BetMGM PA

Players in Pennsylvania can sign up for accounts on either the website or via the sportsbook’s mobile applications, which are downloadable for both Android and IOS.

On BetMGM, players can bet on popular sports such as football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and other sports from major leagues around the world, some of which include the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, the English Premiership, PGA golf, UFC mixed martial arts, and lots more.

There are also less popular sports such as NASCAR, rugby, and table tennis. BetMGM in Pennsylvania also allows better on all sorts of college sports, especially college basketball and football.

BetMGM offers various betting staples, including futures, moneylines, round robins, futures, totals, props, teasers, and parlays. An automatic parlay builder which helps player design and creates their own parlays is the latest addition to the site to help improve player experience.

The welcome offer for new players on BetMGM PA sportsbook when they use the promotion code is a risk-free bet of up to $1000. This refunds a new player's losses on their initial bet or wagers up to $1000. The refunded credits are deposited in the player's account 24 hours after the lost original bet settles and expires in 7 days if unused. As with all BetMGM properties, players are automatically made part of the M-life rewards program.


  • Retail sports betting, competitive odds, bonuses, and promotions
  • Quick and easy-to-use parlay builder to help players create customized parlays.
  • Players are part of the M-life rewards program, reputedly one of the best around.


2.DraftKings Sportsbook.

Draftkings is one of the first online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania and remains one of the most widely available nationwide. Draftkings is known for having a great sport betting mobile user experience. Of particular note are the betting carousel, their live betting, and the variety of bonuses and promotions. The DraftKings mobile app is available for both Android and IOS is an exception and provides an as good if not better experience than its desktop counterpart.

Starting with DraftKings Sportsbook

New players who open a new Draftkings account are eligible for the welcome package. Gamers get $50 just for creating an account and depositing $5. Next Draftkings will give a 20% first deposit match for new players up to $1000. Players will be able to release $1 of the bonus for withdrawal for every $25 they wager on the site, and bonuses expire 90 days after receipt. DraftKings also offers many other promotions such as refer-a-friend prizes, daily odds boosters, and daily free-to-play pools.

On the DraftKings sportsbook platform, players can make at least a dozen bets, including live bets, futures, money lines, parlays, teasers, and spreads.

Bets are available for many sports such as football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, and motorsports across different leagues, including the NBA, NFL, UFC, and MLS. Players will also be able to bet on college sports such as football and basketball or more obscure sports such as darts and rugby.


  • Decent welcome bonus and a host of different promotions and prizes
  • Great betting options via the betting carousel
  • Great desktop and mobile app


  • No rewards program
  • Bonuses have a rather large playthrough requirement to withdraw

3.FanDuel Sportsbook

Originally a highly popular Daily Fantasy Sports website., FanDuels used its experience to become an equally successful sportsbook.
PA sports bettors who join FanDuel can expect a user-friendly application with a large diversity of betting types available for desktop and mobile. Mobile sports betting applications are available for both Android and IOS, with only minor differences between the experiences on either platform.

Starting with FanDuel Sportsbook PA

New players on the PA sports betting site have the chance to qualify for a risk-free bet of up to $1000. This welcome offer will refund a new player’s first betting loss for the total amount up to $1000 in casino credits. Refunds are usually credited to the player within three days, and players should note that refunds cannot be withdrawn.

Only winnings from playing then are withdrawable. Bonuses from the refund must be played within seven days. New and regular PA sports bettors can also take advantage of other promotions on FanDuel, such as parlay insurance and the daily odds boost.

On FanDuel, players will be able to bet on a wide variety of sports in numerous leagues, including the NBA, NFL, MLS, and MLB. Bets can also be played on less popular sports.


  • Some of the best promotions around, including parlay insurance that helps players win if they get most of their parlays in a bet right
  • Some of the lowest minimum bets available
  • Live betting on FanDuel is particularly good


  • No rewards or loyalty program available
  • Some customer service options are not 24/7

4. FOX Bet Sportsbook

FOX Bet is one of the newer sportsbooks operating in Pennsylvania. It is operated by a partnership between the FOX Media Network and the Stars Group, one of the biggest gambling organizations in the world. As one of the newer PA online sportsbooks, FOX Bet offers good promotions and bonuses plus superior branding and connections with FOX Sports.

Starting with FOX BET Sportsbook PA

FOX Bet’s welcome bonus for new players who sign up is a risk-free first bet up to $500. This just means if a new player's first bet does not FOX Bet will refund the value of that wager up to $500. Players can try the custom bet feature where players propose a bet using the #CustomBet, and the site tweets its acceptance of the bet. The FOX personality-based promotions are daily boosts where different FOX sports personalities designate daily odds boosts for each day of the week.

Fox Bet can be accessed either on desktop or mobile phone browsers. The PA sports betting application automatically optimizes itself for the appropriate device. There are also downloadable sports betting mobile applications for both Android and IOS devices.

Players can bet on many games on FOX Bet, including football, soccer, basketball, and baseball in the most popular leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and MLS. On FOX Bet, wagers can also be made on golf, tennis, cricket, cycling, motorsports, and combat sports such as boxing and MMA. Players on FOX Bet can also take advantage of betting types, including propositions, point spreads, futures, totals, parlays, live betting, and money lines.


  • Players are automatically added to the Stars Rewards program due to their affiliation with the Stars Group.
  • Exciting brand links with FOX sports and its personnel
  • Decent selection of betting types, including in-game wagering


Getting Started: Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

How Do I Find the Best Sportsbook in Pennsylvania?

You can select the best sportsbook in Pennsylvania by considering these features:

Check for User Reviews

Bet review sites are a starting point for choosing the best sportsbook in Pennsylvania. Unlicensed online sports betting sites (or illegal PA sports betting apps) often have numerous negative reviews on forums and review sites. Players who lose money during betting may also leave bad reviews on forums.

You should avoid sports betting sites with largely negative reviews and consider those with a few bad reviews. Likewise, you may consider sites recommended by friends or those in your immediate social circle. These word-of-mouth recommendations are often the safest methods of finding the best sportsbook in Pennsylvania.

The Sports Events On the Platform

An important criterion for selecting a sportsbook in New Jersey--the right sportsbook must cover most of your preferred sports events. In addition, you must check if they cover different games for each sport.

For example, some online PA sports betting sites or legal online sports betting apps may cover major sports and basketball leagues like the NBA and WNBA while ignoring college basketball leagues. Note that most US-based sites will not cover obscure sports events like Cricket. You may try international or European-based sites to access exclusive major sports.

A Variety of Betting Options

"How many betting options are available on a betting site?" is a major question when selecting a sportsbook in New Jersey. While most online sports betting sites offer betting options like spreads, totals, and spread lines, it is often challenging to find props bets. So, what do you do if you like betting on NFL props? The best option is to list your preferred bet types and find the sportsbook offering the most selection.

Mobile Betting Options

Your preferred online sports betting sites must have a desktop and mobile betting option. The mobile option is an essential criterion for selecting a sportsbook in New Jersey since it allows you to place bets from the comfort of your home. Most sportsbook websites contain links for downloading mobile versions of the websites. In addition, you can also search for the sportsbook's app on Google or iPhone play Store.

Live Betting Options

Live betting options are a preferred option for experienced Pennsylvania sports bettors or punters. It is a fast and efficient way of placing bets during an ongoing race or match. The odds often change very fast, and you must quickly place bets to avoid losing out on some opportunities.

This is not an essential criterion for those not interested in live betting. However, if you prefer live betting, you might have legal online sports betting sites for live betting and others for regular betting.

Prompt Lines

Your preferred sports betting site must promptly release lines and information at least days before the event. A prompt line enables you to place your bets before bookmakers change the odds quickly.

Bonus, Loyalty Program, and Promotions

Bonuses are great. But do not solely choose online sports betting sites based on the number of bonuses or loyalty programs. Many mediocre betting sites use huge bonuses to trick and trap Pennsylvania sports bettors. So, look for platforms that fit the criteria mentioned above and offer healthy rewards. This does not include sportsbooks offering free t-shirts or stuffed animals. So, here are a few things to look for in this criteria:

  • Select a Pennsylvania sports betting service that offers free bets or cash rewards before or after deposit;
  • Avoid sportsbooks with shady terms and conditions to ensure that the benefits are attainable.

Availability in Other Locations

You should consider the availability of your preferred sportsbook outside the New Jersey state lines. For frequent travelers, state-restricted sportsbooks like Draftking are not the best options for you.

To comfortably place your bets outside the state lines, you should consider sportsbooks functional in more than one state. For example, you can place bets on PointsBet in the following states: Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York. BetMGM, TwinSpires, and FanDuel are available in at least ten states in the U.S.

Do You Have to Live in Pennsylvania to Bet Online?

No, you must be physically present in Pennsylvania to use the state's online betting sites. Furthermore, you may also place bets on gambling sites that are not state-restricted. In other words, these sports betting sites are legal in more than Pennsylvania. For example, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and FanDuel are accessible to sports bettors in more than one state.

Withdrawals and Deposit

What Banking/Deposit Methods are Available for Sports Betting in Pennsylvania?

Players can deposit or withdraw funds on a Pennsylvania sports betting platform via these options:

Online Bank Transfer

Most Pennsylvania sports betting platforms allow you to deposit or withdraw funds via online bank transfers. You must connect your bank account to the platform's online banking bill-pay feature to use this option. Furthermore, ensure your bank has a bill pay feature too. The Bank of America, Chase, Capital One 360, HSBC, PNC, Santander, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citi are banks with this option.

Instant eChecks

You can directly fund your accounts by connecting your checking to a third-party payment processor. Most New Jersey betting platforms use VIP Preferred as a third-party payment processor for all instant eChecks. To use the instant eChecks, register an account on VIP Preferred and save your information. Next, request a deposit from VIP Preferred to your betting account.


The PayNearMe option lets you cash out your winnings at an affiliated land-based store. To use this option for a deposit, you must select the "PayNearMe" option and generate a barcode. Take the barcode to the sports betting site's affiliated retail store to deposit cash.


Paypal is a popular payment option on most online sports betting legal sites. You can deposit or withdraw funds by integrating PayPal with your betting account. So, register an account on PayPal using the registration email as your betting account.

You can deposit funds on your PayPal using bank deposit, person-to-person transfer, debit/credit card, and PayPal balance. Note that using different emails for your PayPal and betting accounts will cause issues when withdrawing funds. You can change your PayPal address to match the same email you used for registering on the betting platform.

Credit/Debit Cards

New Jersey sportsbooks allow credit/debit cards for depositing or withdrawing funds. Sports bettors can use credit/debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover on most betting platforms.

What's the Maximum Amount I can Deposit for Sports Betting in Pennsylvania?

Sports betting sites in Pennsylvania do not have a defined limit for maximum deposit. However, they can set limits for payouts.

What's the Maximum Amount Permitted for a Stake in Pennsylvania Sports Betting?

Some legal online sports betting sites may set limits on what you can stake. For example, the stake limit for NFL games on Monday is $2,500. Sports betting platforms may set a maximum stake limit of $2,500. The betting limit may increase to $50,000 if more players weigh in on the game.

What's the Minimum Amount Permitted for a Stake in Pennsylvania Sports Betting?

The minimum amount you can stake is $5 in most Pennsylvania sports betting sites. Note that the minimum stake differs in gambling sites. For example, WynnBet and Bet365 have a $10 minimum stake limit.

How long do Withdrawals take for Sports Betting?

In sports betting, withdrawals often take between one to seven business days. Note that the withdrawal time depends on the online sports betting site and its preferred withdrawal option.

Other Details

What is Live Betting?

Live betting, also referred to as in-betting, is a type of betting that occurs when a sports event is in progress. Lines and odds rapidly change in live betting. So, you must quickly place bets like money lines, point spreads, and totals. You can also place special proposition bets in live betting. For example, most live betting operators will allow you to predict which player will score next.

Can an Online Account be Limited, and for What Reasons?

Yes, bookmakers and online PA casinos often limit accounts for various reasons. For example, a Pennsylvania gambling site can limit or restrict accounts from winning too much. Also, they may restrict sports betting accounts that abuse promotions or bonuses. Sports bettors that only play bonus games may have their accounts banned. Sportsbooks may also close down multiple accounts opened by a single user.

What are Bonus and Promo Codes, and Why Should I Use One?

Bonus or promo codes are incentives for registering or gambling on online PA sportsbooks. You can take advantage of bonus or promo codes for these reasons:

  • You get better rewards for using promo codes to bet online
  • Some promo codes help to reduce the wagering requirement for some online casino games;
  • You can quickly increase your maximum winnings by using promo codes.

Are the Winnings from a Bet Taxable in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania taxes all winnings from bets. First, the state requires casino owners to withhold 25 percent of bet winnings for players with a social security number. In contrast, those who can't give a social security number must pay a 28 percent tax to casino operators. Note that these withholding rates only apply to payouts above $5,000.

Casino operators and licensed PA sportsbooks must also send Form W-2G to bet winners who meet these requirements:

  • The winning is more than $1,200 from slot or bingo machines.
  • The winning is more than $1,500 from Keno games;
  • The winning is more than $5,000 from a poker tournament.

In addition to the taxes payable to the IRS, Pennsylvania also applies a 3.07 percent tax on all gambling payouts.

What Online Sportsbook offers Risk-Free bets in Pennsylvania?

Some Pennsylvania online sportsbooks offer risk-free bets. Risk-free bets refund your first bet if it results in a win or a certain amount if you lose the bet. For example, BetMGM and FanDuel offer players up to $1,000 in risk-free bets.

Is PointBet Sportsbook in Penn?

Yes, PointsBet Sportsbook is in Pennsylvania. The online sports betting site received its license from the Gaming Control Board via a partnership with the Pennsylvania National Gaming. Players can place bets on PointsBet by registering an account on its official legal PA sports betting site. Furthermore, you are eligible to receive up to $500 in risk-free bets when you sign up on the PA online sports betting platform.

Is BarStool Sportsbook in Penn?

Yes, Barstool Sportsbook is in Pennsylvania. The platform partnered with Penn National Gaming to create an online sports bet app. State residents can place sports bets on the platform by creating an account. In addition to this, new players may receive a $10 no-deposit bet alongside a $500 hundred percent risk-free bet when they sign up on the platform.

Yes, FanDuel Sportsbook is legal and fully licensed to operate in Pennsylvania. The PA online sports betting platform offers up to $1,000 in risk-free bets and $1,000 in casino credits to all new users.

Yes, TwinSpires is legal and fully licensed to operate in Pennsylvania. Note that only users above 21 years old can place bets on the platform. TwinSpires offers horse racing, online casino games, and sports bets to eligible players. You can receive a $1,000 welcome bonus when you sign up with the sports betting platform.

As of 2021, MyBookie is an offshore online gambling site. Although the app is quite popular with Penn residents, the Penn Gaming Control Board does not recognize the platform. You must practice caution when using these unlicensed sites.

As of 2021, BetUs is an offshore gambling site that operates within the legal jurisdiction of Costa Rica. The platform enables internet gamblers from Penn to place bets on the platform.