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Fantasy Sports | Pennsylvania

Fantasy sports is a huge industry and Pennsylvania has some of the best opportunities for fantasy sports players. Residents can easily sign up and play their favorite traditional or daily fantasy sports (DFS) games on licensed platforms.

Gamers will find no shortage of options. As of 2024, the Keystone state was home to over half a dozen licensed fantasy sports operators regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

What is the Most Played Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS)?

Fantasy football is one of the most played daily fantasy sport. Fantasy players in Pennsylvania participate in major football leagues like the NFL and minor college football leagues.

Baseball leagues are also popular on fantasy betting sites like Draftkings. Baseball DFS games have an estimated 39 percent participation. In recent years, there's been an increase in players participating in basketball leagues. Other popular DFS games include:

  • 18% play fantasy hockey (NHL)
  • 14% play fantasy soccer
  • 13% play fantasy golf
  • 11% play fantasy esports
  • 5% participate in fantasy Bachelor

Yes. Fantasy football is legal in PA. Draftkings and FanDuel are the most popular betting sites for accessing fantasy football in the state.

Sports betting is legal in PA. Thanks to H 271 Bill, the state's residents and other parties within the state's borders can place sports bets on the licensed sportsbooks.

Under the law, it is illegal to bet on high school sports. Furthermore, you must be 21 years old to bet on sports events.

What is DFS Gambling?

DFS Gambling is a faster version of fantasy sports since it allows you to earn points based on a single or a week-long competition. It relies on creating a fantasy team based on the performance of real-life athletes.

To access DFS gambling, you must sign-up on any licensed PA fantasy sports platform. DFS platforms require an entry fee before playing daily fantasy sports. These fees accumulate to form a "pot" via which winners get paid.

Yes. DFS Gambling is a legal sports bet option in PA. The online game, alongside other casino games, became legal after the state's Senate passed the H 271 Bill in 2017. It is illegal for PA residents below 18 to sign-up and plays DFS games on licensed platforms.

To prevent ineligible users from signing up, operators often require a social security number or other government-issued ID during sign-up. Furthermore, out-of-state players can't access DFS games in PA.

Can you Win Real Money Playing Daily Fantasy Games in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can win real money on any daily fantasy games in PA. You can participate in contests and tournaments to get a payout.

According to statistics, DFS players can earn over $100,000 in a year. PA fantasy players can earn real cash via these options:

1. The Head-to-Head

This is a simple form of DFS in which the winner takes the prize. Only two players can play this option. Both players select a lineup, and the one with a higher score wins.

2. The 50-50

Here's a safer option for new fantasy players. Unlike in a head-to-head contest, you may face four to over a thousand opponents. In this option, you must score higher than at least 50 percent of the participants to win a prize. Furthermore, the prize is split between the top 50 percent of the participants.

Let's say there are 100 players in a 50-50 DFS, each contributing $109 to access the game. Now, that's a 10,000 pool prize. The top 50 players will share the 10,000 pot, each earning $200.

3. Multipliers

The multiplier option covers Double Ups, Triple Ups, and Quadruple Ups. Double-Ups are quite similar to the 50-50 option since you can earn twice your initial stake. However, the game provider adds more players to get a share of the pot. So, you will need to beat more players to earn double.

4. Tournaments

Tournaments are the highest-paying option in DFS. Yet, this option comes with the highest risk and is best avoided by beginners. Only the top 10 to 30 percent of participants can earn cash in a tournament. Remember that tournament rules may differ, and it's better to always check the requirements before playing. Let's examine an example of a tournament contest in DFS.

How Do I Bet on Fantasy Sports in Pennsylvania?

You can bet on fantasy sports in PA by following these steps:

Step 1: Do Your Research

Fantasy sports are rewarding only if you know how to navigate the rules and regulations. To avoid losing money on bad bets, start your research by following these steps.

1. Search for the best fantasy sports operators in PA

There are currently ten licensed fantasy sports providers in Pennsylvania

  • Boom Fantasy
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Scout Fantasy Sports
  • Yahoo Fantasy
  • FantasyDraft
  • Fantasy Football Players Championship
  • FastPick
  • Sports Hub
  • Monkey Knife Fight

These providers offer different sets of fantasy games, bonuses, and incentives. Furthermore, some have a better interface coupled with good payment options. No doubt, choosing the best provider is quite complex. So, consider these features when choosing a fantasy sports provider in PA.

  • Number of fantasy sports games
  • Favorable online reviews and feedback
  • Good interface and multiple payment options.
  • Mobile fantasy sports option.
  • Bonuses and Incentives
  • Minimum and maximum betting limits.

Check if apps are popping up on the online site. Avoid sites without a license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

2. Learn the types of fantasy sports and the corresponding rules and requirements

Fantasy sports players assemble virtual teams based on the real-life performance of sports players and athletes. The performance of each player in the team is converted into points.

You can buy, sell, or swap low-performing players. In most fantasy sports games, players with the highest points win part of the cash prize.

Note: There are different ways to calculate players' performance in fantasy sports. For example, you can calculate a basketball player's performance via these stats:

  • Number of hits
  • Batting Average
  • RBIs
  • Strikeouts
  • Earned Run Average (ERA)

The player's performance determines your earnings. So, stay away from problematic players, especially those with a history of injury and poor performance.

3. Understand Player Match Ups

In fantasy sports, you win a matchup when your team accumulates more points than the opponent. You may have a matchup each week of a sports season.

For example, H2H leagues have a matchup weekly in an NFL season. Furthermore, understand fantasy matchup ratings. Think of Fantasy matchup ratings are odds in sports betting. You can predict the performance of your players via matchup rating. Players with a five-star match rating will perform better than their average.

4. Understand the Risks

There are different risk levels in fantasy sports. Fantasy sports options like the 50-50 have a lower risk level than Tournaments. In other words, you have a higher chance of earning cash from a 50-50. Beginners should start with low-risk fantasy game options.

Step 2: Sign-Up to Access Fantasy Sports

You have researched and selected your preferred fantasy sports provider at this stage. Draftkings and FanDuel are the most significant fantasy sports operators in PA. These platforms offer numerous game options, bonuses, and programs for new and veteran players.

For example, DraftKings offers a $50 free bet for first-time deposits above $5. Furthermore, new users are eligible to receive up to $1,000. Choose the platform that suits your gambling needs and register.

Step 3: Pick a Contest

Visit the Fantasy Sports section of your preferred online operator. DraftKing features over ten contests or options, such as the In-Game Showdown, Tournament, Best Ball, Flash Draft, 50-50, and Single Game-Showdown. Learn the rules and the specific requirements of the contests. Note that some contests have higher returns and more risk than others.

Step 4: Next, create a lineup.

After selecting a contest, it's time to draft a lineup of real players for your team. Be cautious when selecting your players. Check the matchup ratings and the player's performance in the last season or sports event.

All fantasy players receive a fictional $50,000 as a salary cap for buying and maintaining the team. You can create a lineup by buying players with good matchup ratings in the player pool.

Don't exceed the $50,000 salary cap when filling up all positions in the lineup. Furthermore, avoid the mistake of going for only famous players. Every other player will be adding these popular players too in their lineup. In that case, it won't be easy to have a higher score than others.

For example, all participants will have almost the same points if they chose popular NBA figures like Stephen Curry and Lebron James in basketball fantasy contests. Look for players with hidden potential to succeed.

Step 5: Track your team performance and check results

After selecting your lineup, track your team's performance in real-life. DraftKings and FanDuel have mobile apps that allow you to watch your players accumulate points in real-time.

Now, check your standing after the last game to see if you meet the conditions of the contest. The fantasy sports platform will credit your account when you win with enough points.

Fantasy sports are the rave since it enables sports enthusiasts to put their knowledge to good use. According to a recent study, fantasy sports have the lowest tax rate compared to other sports betting in PA. The state only deducts a 15 percent tax on all earnings from fantasy sports, unlike a 25 percent deduction in other sports bets.

Playing Online

What are the Best DFS sites in Pennsylvania?

The best DFS sites in Pennsylvania include:

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Monkey Knife Fight
  • FantasyDraft
  • Fantasy Football Players Championship
  • FastPick
  • Sports Hub
  • Scout Fantasy Sports
  • Yahoo Fantasy

How old do you have to be to play PA daily fantasy?

Under the H 271 Bill, only players above 18 tears old can play DFS games in Pennsylvania. To sign-up on a licensed DFS platform, you must present a valid government-issued ID.

PA legal sportsbooks have the license to operate within the state. The licensed sportsbooks include the following:

  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM Pennsylvania
  • FanDuel Pennsylvania
  • DraftKings Pennsylvania
  • BetRivers Pennsylvania
  • Unibet Pennsylvania
  • BetWay
  • Barstool
  • BetPARX
  • SugarHouse

PrizePick is not licensed to operate in Pennsylvania. As of 2022, the betting platform operates in 30 states, including Washington DC.

The Bet365 is not a legal or licensed operator in Pennsylvania. However, the UK-based betting operator is licensed to operate in New Jersey.

Is Caesars Sportsbook in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Caesars sportsbooks partnered with Harrah's Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack to provide sports betting services to PA residents.

Yes. Bovada is an international betting operator licensed to operate in PA. In addition to this, the brand is licensed to operate in other US states like New Jersey, Alaska, California, Colorado, and Arizona.

Yes. BetMGM is a legal gambling operator in Pennsylvania. It offers both casino and sports betting services to residents in PA.

Yes. DraftKings is a legal casino and sportsbook operator in Pennsylvania. The platform received the license to operate in 2019. DraftKings is the top fantasy sports provider in the state. It currently holds 60 percent of the market share in fantasy sports.

SuperDraft is licensed and available to residents and non-residents in Pennsylvania.

Do you Have to Pay Taxes on Fantasy Sports Winnings?

Yes. Fantasy sports winnings are taxable since they are classified under gambling laws. The IRS taxes your winnings based on your income bracket. For example, if you're in a 24% tax bracket, the IRS will deduct 24 percent of your earnings.

However, the state requires fantasy game providers to report all winnings above $600. You will receive a 1099-MISC or a 1099-K Form for tax payments from third-party payment platforms.

As of 2022, DFS is legal in 41 states, including Maryland, Colorado, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.