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Glossary of Roulette Terminologies


A bet on the layout - A bet placed on any number on the table.

Action Player – A player who’s overconfident in his or her skills and who relies heavily on their skills by consistently placing large bets. They naturally feel their skills will prevail over any ill luck.

American Roulette – An American variation of roulette often characterized by a high house edge (higher than any other variation of roulette). This high house edge is a result of the extra 00 pockets, making the total pockets 38.

American roulette also has the ‘basket bet’ or ‘fast five’ option. With this option, players can bet on a group of lower numbers like 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The basket bet usually pays 6/1 and has just a 13% chance of winning. A 7.89% house edge gives the best chance of winning.

American Wheel – The American wheel is a roulette wheel with a total of 38 numbers usually in the order of 0, 00, 1, 2, 3……… 36.


Backtrack: The outer rim of the roulette wheel where the ball spins before it rolls down into the pocket is known as the backtrack. In some places, it is referred to as the ‘ball track’ and it is the only stationary track on a roulette wheel.

Ball: The small and round plastic that is often tossed in the roulette wheel. The ball is always tossed in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The landing of the ball determines the payoff for the player whose pocket the ball lands.

Bankroll: The total amount of money a player is ready to play with.

Biased Numbers - The number that comes up more frequently, usually as a result of a biased wheel.

Biased Wheels - A defective or bad roulette wheel. This defect causes unfair advantage from time to time, usually causing a number to come up more frequently. In most cases, the wheel may be out of alignment, thus causing this unfair advantage.

Big Number - A number that occurs more regularly than what would ever have been predicted. The big number is used to figure out if a roulette wheel is biased or not.

Black - A bet placed for all black numbers

Block Betting - A group of numbers usually on the same section of the roulette wheel. Some players use this strategy when playing by betting on all the numbers in a section.

Bottom Track- A part of the roulette wheel where the balls roll over when tossed. This portion is usually located between the pocket and the backtrack.

Boule (La Boule) - A mini version of roulette also known as the “little game”. Its French name indicates that it is popularly played in casinos in France. It is similar to the America roulette but it features just 9 numbers and 3 color variations on its table and wheels.

After spinning the wheels, the plastic ball bounces around the wheel and falls into the colored pockets as usual. It is faster and easier to learn.


Carre - A French corner bet

Chasing Loses - A roulette strategy where you increase your wagers to increase the value of a sure win. Players often employ this strategy when on a losing streak.

Choppy Table - A fair game where neither the players nor the house has any advantage over the other.

Colonne - A French column bet

Column Bet – A strategy where a player bet on twelve numbers at the same time. The twelve numbers are grouped in the 3 columns that make up the roulette wheel.

Combination Bet – Betting on more than one number at the same time, single or multiple chips in the same position.

Corner Bet – A bet placed on 4 numbers simultaneously. It usually pays 8:1

Coup - One roll, one decision

Croupier – The croupier is the person in charge of all that happens on the roulette table. He is also called the ‘dealer’ in some casinos. In a physical casino, players can communicate and interact with a live dealer who will usually operate a brick and mortar betting environment.


Dolly – The score marker with an outline that looks like a doll. The purpose is to help players identify the winning numbers till they get all their earnings.

In French roulettes, the Croupier points to the winning number using a stick. But in American roulettes, the Croupier points to the winning number using this score marker or ‘dolly’ that is made of plastic and places it on the table right there on the winning number.

Double Zero - A green 00 pocket that is only present on American wheels. It is directly across the 0 and has eighteen numbers between both zero spaces on either side.

The double zero is a part of five numbers that usually form a basket bet.

Dozen Bet – When a bet is placed on a group of three numbers at the same time on the roulette table. The three groups of numbers are 1-12; 13-24; 25-36.

Dumping - Occurs when a roulette table is on a losing streak more than it is winning.


En Prison – A rule on European roulette games where the house edge even money bets are reduced to 1.35%.

Here is how it works: when the ball falls on the number zero, all even money bets are frozen. However, if the following spin wins, these even bets are released. But if the next ball spin fails to win, the dealer collects the bet.

European Roulette – A European version of roulette that offers house edge 2.70%, which is quite low. This is because the wheel uses a single 0 pocket.

European roulettes have 37 pockets while American roulette has 38 pockets. Some rules are applied to European roulettes, thus the house edge for even money bets in this version is reduced to 1.35%.

European Wheel - The French version of roulette wheel.

Even Money Bets – A bet where all the players have an even or 50-50 chance of winning. In other words, the bet pays out 1/1. They are red/black, even/odd, and high 18/low. All the bets cover the entire 18 numbers at once.

Ficheur - The Ficheur is an arrangement that helps the Croupier manually separates colored chips. This is applicable to the American Roulette where each player has colored chips that must be kept apart so they do not mix.


Five Number Bet – A bet placed on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 all at the same time. When this is done, the casino edge is 7,89%.

French Wheel – A special roulette wheel that contains just one Zero


Grand Martingale System - Happens when a player tries to acquire an additional chip profit following each loss experienced.

Green Numbers - The zero and double zero.


High or Low Bet - A bet placed on a group of 18 numbers. It follows the pattern: 1-18 is low, 19-36 is high. It is an even bet.

House Edge - This is the difference between casino payout and fair odds. Online casinos make more profits because of the house edge.

House Percentage – This is what gives the casino some advantage over each player.


Inside Bet - A bet where all numbers are placed outrightly inside the layout. In most cases, the odds are within the range of 5:1 and 35:1.


La Partage Rule - Almost similar to the En Prison rule. The only variation is that when a player loses an even money bet or an outside bet when they select a zero, the player can get half their money back.

Layout – The top or surface of the table where wagers are placed and all game options are displayed.

Line Bet – A bet placed on 6 adjoining numbers. It usually pays 5:1

Luminar or LuminAR – This special kind of roulette table appeals to the players because of its illuminating design. It illuminates the sections that win through its LEDs. This flashing sensation makes it easier for everyone on the table to see the winning section(s). The Laminar table was designed by John Huxley, the supplier of amazing casino equipment.


Martingale – A special roulette betting system that allows a player to double their bet after each loss until they win. This arrangement, when done right, can cover all losses with just one single win. However, it is risky because you have to keep increasing your stake each time until you win. And if luck isn’t on a player’s side, they might place bets lots of time before they may start to recover their losses.


Neighbors - The number that is adjacent to the winning number on either the right or left side.

Non-value Chip – A special kind of chip whose dollar value is determined by the amount of chips taken and the amount if buy-in. This value is usually established by the TMB (Table Minimum Bet) displayed on the roulette table.


Odd Bet - A bet that is placed on all the odd numbers on the table. It usually pays 1:1

Orphans - A bet placed on three close but separate numbers on the wheel. The numbers however do not need to be close to the table layout. Examples of orphan numbers are: 1, 20,14 or 14, 31, 9 or 6, 34, 17.

Orphelins - It is a French phrase common in casinos in Europe. It refers to bets placed on a group of numbers on a section of the roulette wheel. The numbers must be neighbors but not close on the layout.

Outside Be - Any bet that is not on the numbers; the bet could be on colors (red or black), even or odd, column, low or high.


Parlay - A won bet left on the roulette table with a view to add it to the next round of bets.

Past Posting – Happens when a wager is posted after the ball has stopped or after the dealer has signaled that all be4ts should be stopped. The dealer will not accept this because it gives a player an unfair advantage over other players.

Player Clocking- The art of recording the losses and wins of a player in a way that it looks like the data for winning players. It is also called the Chameleon tactics because the imitation is done in hopes of getting similar outcomes.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition - An online variation of the roulette. It features a Microgaming option that allows a player to choose from 6 colors on the table.


Queen Theatre – Refers to an electronic roulette and the name is in reference to the game’s setting. 24 players can play the Queen Theatre at the same time. The wheel, which is the central part of this roulette, can accommodate 8 players while the second line can accommodate 16 players, round the 8 players around the central wheel.


Racetrack bets – This is a betting area right in front of the dealer, meant for players who want to bet on specific sections of the roulette table. It is also called 'Call bets'.

Rapid roulette - Rapid Roulette is similar to the regular roulette game. However, the rapid roulette has been modified to include individual terminals for each player where each player can play on their own designated screen.

The same rules apply and the determinant of the game’s outcome remains the wheel and the dealer.

The screen makes it possible for each player to place their bets right on the screen in front of them. They do not need to stretch their hand to place bets.

Red – A bet placed on red numbers. It usually pays 1:1

Run ­- Consistently producing the same results.

Roulight / Roulite – Another variation of roulette that is faster and more dynamic. Players deal more with neighbors and wheel sectors. They can place bets only on full numbers, on sections of the wheel, and on two split numbers. In this version of roulette, outside bets are not permitted.


Single-Zero Roulette – A European variation of roulette where only single Zero pockets are used. This makes the house edge to be 2.70%.

Single Number – A single straight bet that pays 35:1

Six Number Bet – Occurs when 6 inside numbers are combined at the same time.

Slots – An area of the roulette wheel where the numbers are held.

Special Line Bet – When a bet is placed on the first five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3.)

Split Bet ­– A bet of two inside numbers at the same time.

Square or Quarter Bet – A bet that is placed on a square of 4 numbers. It usually pays 8:1

Surrender Rule – This rule applies to wager bets on even money spaces on the roulette wheel. When a ball selects 0 or 00, the Croupier refunds half of all the money lost back to each player.

This rule (common with American roulette) is aimed at reducing the house edge by half and also encourages players who wish to bet with large sums of money.

Stack – A number of several chips.

Straight Bet – A single bet on a single number. It will usually pay 35:1.

Straight Up Bet - When placed on just a single number between 0 and 36.

Street Bet – A bet placed on any three numbers that are in a line. It usually pays 11:1

System – A betting strategy employed by many roulette players to turn a profit when the game gets tough. To use this strategy, talk to your dealer first.


Tiers du cylindre – A French term referring to bets on a specific group of numbers on the same section of the roulette wheel. These numbers are neighbors on the game layout. The strategy is commonly used in European casinos.

Toke – A tip given to the dealer

Trio Bet – When a bet is placed on three numbers simultaneously.

Transversale – The French term for street bet.


Visual Wheel Tracking – Trying to predict which pocket the spinning ball will end up by just merely watching the wheel spin.


Wager – Another term for “Bet”. The term is also used for nits of bets placed on bet spaces on the roulette table.

Wheel – The roulette wheel where a ball rolls into when spined. It usually has 38 pockets that comprises 18 black pockets, 18 red pockets, 2 green pockets.


Zero – The slot (color green) on the wheel that is the 37th pocket on the European table or the 38th on the American table. All outside bets are lost the moment a ball land on it.