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Pennsylvania Online Craps

Following a Supreme Court verdict striking down a federal ban on sports betting, Pennsylvania became the fourth US state to authorize internet gambling on May 14, 2018. State-regulated and licensed casinos opened on July 12, 2019.

Can You Play Craps at Online Casinos legally in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Residents and visitors to Pennsylvania can legally play craps games for free and for real money.

Pennsylvania legislators enacted a bill on October 30, 2017, allowing internet gambling and fantasy sports to be legalized in the state as soon as the Supreme Court issued its decision.

Why Choose to Play Online Craps in Pennsylvania?


As a resident or visitor within the state’s borders, you can play your favorite craps game online, whenever you want, without waiting.
Some Pennsylvania online craps casinos even have apps for different mobile devices that allow players to play on the go.


Playing online craps is much more affordable than at brick-and-mortar casinos. Unlike land-based Pennsylvania casinos, there is no need to pay for transportation, lodging, or tips.

In addition, you can practice for free without risking any real money. Furthermore, playing online craps is much more economical because of the lower betting limits.


New players who sign up for an account with an online game provider usually get welcome bonuses. Beginner players can use these bonuses to try different games for free.

Land-based casinos find it harder to match such benefits since they must pay their many employees, maintain equipment, pay for leased space, and so on while still making a profit.

Playing Craps Online is Straightforward

Even though most people believe that playing craps is complex, playing online allows you to learn the game and the rules at your own leisure.

Furthermore, some online casinos may allow you to play the game for free and avoid putting real money at risk. Most PA online casinos also have various learning resources with hints and tips on how to play, which you would not find at a real-life casino.

Betting Against the Shooter

Playing online allows you to bet against the shooter without worrying about what others think. Most bets at the craps table, like the pass bet, usually bet on the shooter to win.

This is how people typically bet; it is considered the polite thing to do. In a live casino, you will often be subjected to rude remarks and comments if you bet against the shooters.

However, because of the pretty good house edge and payout rates of this bet type, players can place this bet while playing from the comfort of their living space without any rude remarks or comments from other players.

Reduced Minimum Bets

To start a game of craps at land-based casinos, you need at least $5. The dealer can raise the minimum bet at the weekends to $10, while bets at high-end clubs range from $15 to $25.

On the other hand, playing at PA online casinos can cost as low as $1, so even if you only have a small amount, you can play longer and increase your chances of winning.

Pace of the Game

When playing craps online, you can dictate the game's speed; you choose when the dice are rolled and how much to stake when placing bets.

You don’t have this luxury when you play at a live casino. The table crew dictates the pace of the games, and they usually like to keep the games rolling to capitalize on their edge.

Is Online Craps Played with Real Money?

Yes. Most licensed PA casino sites offer players the opportunity to play their favorite online craps games for real money. At the same time, players can also play for free on most of these sites.

Whether you play for real money or for free, the better option is to play on regulated and licensed sites.

Whether you play for real money or for free, the better option is to play on regulated and licensed sites.

Comparison of Top Online Craps Casinos in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to land-based and online casinos. State residents and non-residents can access a variety of gaming options and casino apps managed by different operators.

For example, Penn casinos provide access to online casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps. To play online casino games, players must sign up at any of the state's licensed casinos.

Some Pennsylvania online craps casinos even have apps for different mobile devices that allow players to play on the go.

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Comparison of Top 8 Online Craps Casinos in Pennsylvania

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What is the Best Way to Learn Craps?

There isn’t a consensus on the best way to learn craps. Opinions on the subject are largely influenced by individual preferences. However, some of the best ways of learning how to play craps include:

  • Learning Craps Basics
  • Learn Craps with Books
  • Craps Classes
  • Watch and Learn
  • Learn by Playing Free Games

Basics of Learning Craps

Start by learning the game's rules and what happens at each stage. Even though the rules seem simple, knowing when something is about to happen at the table is essential.

To begin the game, the shooter rolls the dice and determines the point total for the following rounds. After that, you can place a roll wager on whether the shooter will throw the dice and obtain any number other than 7 or 11 (pass/don't pass).

As a beginner, it is recommended that you start with the following wager options:

  • Pass/ Don’t Pass
  • Come/ Don’t Come

These bets above have some of the best house edges, and the house edge is a crucial factor that determines whether you make a profit or otherwise when playing.

Learn Craps with Books

Beginners who like to read should look for helpful books on learning craps. These books are typically available in hardcopy and e-format.

Craps Classes

Some land-based casinos provide free craps lessons to those interested in learning the game. These sessions are frequently held in the mornings or afternoons before the casinos' peak hours.

You can obtain the schedule for these sessions through the casino concierge, pit boss, or help desk.

Watch and Learn

If you like to watch and learn, the best approach to learning the game is to watch professional players play.

Craps classes are helpful, but they only teach the basic games, not the side bets. Observing individuals playing also helps you grasp table etiquette and the many superstitions that players believe in.

Learn by Playing Free Games

For prospective players, signing up for an online account and playing demo versions of craps is probably the best way to learn the game. When you play at a virtual table, you can make and learn from your mistakes without being judged. Also, you can vary odds, bets, stakes, and other tactics without breaking the casino’s rules.

Are the sites that offer online craps reliable?

Yes. The major online casinos are 100% reliable, and here are some of the reasons why:


Pennsylvania casinos are regulated and licensed by government-appointed regulatory agencies that are mandated by statute to monitor and supervise the actions of online casino operators.

The Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board helps guarantee that online gaming sites follow a set of laws and regulations that assure fairness and safety for players.

A license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board means that the online casino follows the strictest standards for keeping financial records, testing game software, servers, and other technical parts of their business, making sure players' data is safe, and following procedures for responsible gambling.

You can check for information on the license approval and status of reputable online casinos on their website homepage.


Since you will constantly be putting in money and cashing out, choosing a site that keeps your personal and financial records secure is essential.

To do this, always check that the site runs with updated SSL encryption technology. Also, you can search for additional safety measures on the site's "About Us" page.

Customer Support Services

Typically, players will have concerns and complaints they wish to voice and receive feedback on. The trustworthy and reliable online casinos are aware of this and offer their players 24-hour customer care.

You should always ensure that the online gaming sites you are interested in offers a variety of help alternatives, such as live chat, email, and phone assistance.

An online casino that provides an email address as its primary customer support channel is not a safe place to put your money.

Promotions and Bonuses

Top-rated online casinos constantly try to attract new players and beat the competition by offering juicy welcome bonuses. Besides the bonuses, you should also look for the availability of loyalty programs that reward existing players as well as regular promotions for long-term benefits.

When looking for a reliable casino to play, be sure the site offers VIP levels, awards, personalized bonuses, giveaways, and much more.

Fast Banking

The reliability of an online site is often measured by how dependable its deposits and withdrawal methods are.

By checking that the casino has various payment options for quick deposits/withdrawals, a sense of honesty can be quickly established between the casino site and players.

Reading genuine reviews on the casino site's payment options is another way of evaluating its reliability.

What Online Craps Games Variants are Available Online?

Finding online casinos that offer uncommon craps variants in the United States can be tricky as most online casinos tend to provide only traditional craps games.

DraftKings was the first reputable casino to introduce online craps in the early summer of 2021. The game, known as DK Craps, was made available on DraftKings online casino sites in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

What are the Best Banking Methods for Pennsylvania Online Craps Players?

One of the main concerns of online craps players is the safety of their deposits and the ease of cashing out. Some of the best payment methods for online craps gaming include:

Instant Transfer from Checking Accounts

ACH Transfers

ACH transfers, also known as eChecks, are a good choice for players with checking accounts because they have high limits and are easy to use.

Many casinos typically have this option as VIP Preferred—an ACH service offered by the Global Payments company (a common partner for online gambling sites). With an ACH transfer, the money is instantly available, but you may not be able to cash out immediately.

The eCheck represents one of the most common deposit options, and it can be found on almost every site.

Online Bill Pay

Provided you have activated this feature with your bank, Online Bill Pay is another popular checking option that is almost as good as an ACH transfer. However, its transactions may be slower than eChecks.


Credit or Debit card

Although the options are usually limited to Visa or MasterCard and the occasional Discovery Card, practically all online gambling sites offer credit card transactions.

Credit card deposits are relatively easy to do and are computerized.

However, they may have a lower limit than checking transactions, and in some instances, your bank may block the use of credit/debit cards. But most banks in regulated areas have updated their systems to permit gambling transactions.

Prepaid Card

In Pennsylvania, every online casino has its own prepaid card, usually made by Play+. The card is used to transfer funds from other sources to your site account (usually through a checking account or debit card).

If your credit card is declined, you can fall back on this option. You only need to create an account online; you don't need to receive your physical prepaid card to use it.



PayPal—the most widely used eWallet in the United States—was not initially a deposit option when online casinos started popping up in the country. But that's changed.

After a slow start, PayPal is now a regular option with most licensed and regulated gambling operations in Pennsylvania. It provides a straightforward payment option for existing PayPal users because transfers are fast, and limits are usually high.

Another benefit of using PayPal is that, for a modest fee of $0.25, users can make bank transfer to a linked account.


This is another eWallet option often used as an alternative to PayPal. However, it carries charges, unlike PayPal.

Cash Transactions


Players who wish to keep their banking details offline will be relieved to learn that a cash-in-hand option is available.

After creating a PayNearMe deposit, you simply visit a convenient location (usually the nearest 7-Eleven store, though CVS and Family Dollar are also common) and provide the retail clerk with an authorization number( printed or on a smartphone) and the correct amount of cash. This method typically has a daily limit of $500.

Cash at the Cage

If you happen to be in or near a live casino, visiting the cashier's cage will allow you to quickly transfer cash ( check or plastic) with almost no limit. When you think about the long queues at the cashier's cage, however, this may be the least appealing of the physical options.

Other Alternatives

The list of possible options above is sufficient in almost all cases. But in the exceptional instances where you cannot get any of them, you may use a wire transfer or mailed paper checks.

Players should remember that these alternatives will be extremely slow and difficult to set up. That is, processing checks will be pretty slow, and wire transfers are usually subject to significant fees.


It is worth noting that not all deposit methods can be used to cash out winnings. Most of the time, plates can only use the following options to get money out of their accounts:

  • ACH Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Prepaid Card
  • Cashier’s Cage
  • Paper check issued to the player by mail.

ACH eChecks and PayPal are two options that are very easy to use. Even though there are sometimes minor delays (like a day or two), the turnaround is usually rapid, though Skrill has high fees and takes a long time to process.

Yes. In the United States of America, you can legally play online craps in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware, West Virginia, and Nevada. However, you must be physically located within the borders of the State where you intend to play and also meet the minimum age requirement.

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FAQ: Pennsylvania Online Craps

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