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Table of contents:

Craps Terminology


2-way refers to a craps player placing a one-roll bet for the dealers and himself.

2x Odds

2x odds refers to an odds bet that is twice the amount of your come or pass line bet.

3 Way Craps

3-way craps refer to when 3 craps wagers are combined into one wager. It refers to a bet on 2, 3, and a bet on 12.

5 Count

5 count is a Craps strategy for minimizing losses in a game. It involves attempting to cash in on a hot shooter. While there will be losses, they'll be much smaller compared to the potential wins. The shooter has to roll 5 times without getting a 7.

A Hobos Delight on a Cold and Rainy Night

It refers to a wager placed on 12.

A Square Pair

A square pair is a wager that a hard 8 will be the outcome of the next dice roll. A hard 8 is a 4 + 4 roll.


Ace is a bet on the next dice roll being a hard 2, a 1, and 1. It is a wager on one roll in Craps.

Ace Deuce/Ace Caught a Deuce

Ace deuce is a wager on the next dice roll being a 3—a 1 and a 2. It is also a one-roll wager in Craps games.


Action in Craps means the level of activity going on at the craps table or the number of bets in play at a craps table.


An advantage in Craps terms refers to the edge the house has.

After 5 the Field is Alive

It is a wager on the next dice roll giving a 5, as a 3 and 2.

All the Spots we Got

It refers to a wager on the next dice roll giving a 12, as in 6 and 6.

Any Craps

Any craps refer to when a player places a wager on the next dice roll being a 12, 3, or a 2.

Any Seven

Any seven is a wager that the next dice roll will give a 7.


Apron in Craps terms means the outer perimeter on the craps table layout.

At Risk

At risk is a phrase used to mean a player in the action or a player with a live bet at the table.

Atomic Craps

Atomic craps is a wager on a 12, as in 6 and 6, result within the next three throws.


Backline refers to the Don’t Pass Line in the craps game.

Backline Skinner

Backline skinner is a wager on the next dice roll giving a 7.

Ballerina Special

Ballerina special refers to when a player rolls a double 2 in a craps game.

Bank Craps

Bank craps refer to the casino version of a craps game. Bank craps is the actual name for the game.

Barber Pole

Barber pole refers to how a player is expected to arrange his casino chips stack. It applies when different denominations are involved. The ideal way to do this is to arrange the chips with the highest at the bottom.

Benny Blue - You are All Through

It is a bet on a roll giving a 7.

Big Six

Big six refers to an even money wager that a cumulative 6 dice roll will come before a 7.

Big Eight

Big eight refers to an even money wager on an 8 dice roll before a 7.

Big Red

Big red in Craps means wagering on any 7 in the craps game.


Bones refer to the dice used in the craps game.


A bowl in Craps refers to the dice holding container close to the stickman. It can be plastic, metallic, or wooden.


Boxcars refer to a wager on double 6s or a cumulative of 12 in a craps game.


Boxman refers to the casino staff across the stickman and between the dealers. This staff handles the House Bank at the table.

Boys/The Boys

It is a word/phrase used to describe craps dealers.

Broke Money

Broke money refers to the casino’s remuneration to a broke player usually for transportation.

Brooklyn Forest

It refers to a hard 6 roll, as in a 3 and 3.


A buffalo refers to a wager placed a each of the hardways and also on Any Seven.

Buffalo Yo

It is a wager placed on each Hardway and also 11 in the craps game.


A bump is used to describe when a dealer is given a break due to less action at the table than is justified by the dealers. It is usually a break of twenty minutes.

Buy Bet

Buy bet refers to when a player gives a 5% commission to the casino for the correct odds received on a bet. While some casinos only take the commission on a winning bet, others take it regardless of the outcome.

C and E Bet

It refers to a wager on 11 and any craps.

Charting a Table

Charting a table is used to mean when there's a track record kept for the outcomes at a craps table.

Capped Dice

Capped dice refers to loaded or crooked craps dice.

Change Only

Change only means that cash must be converted to gambling chips before a wager can be placed in craps as opposed to placing cash wagers.

Cocked Dice

A cocked dice is a die or pair of dice that land on the chips, money, or wall rather than flat on the table. The stickman has the duty to decide if the dice roll counts or not.

Cold Table

A cold table refers to a situation where the shooters aren’t making any points at the table.

Come Bet

A come bet is similar to a pass line wager but comes after the come out dice roll.

Come Out Roll

Come out roll refers to the initial dice roll in a craps game betting round.


Comp refers to hospitality gestures casinos show players as a form of appreciation for gaming at their casino. Sich gestures can be a discount, free meal, shows, or hotel rooms.


Covered refers to when the dealer works with a player to ensure the proper positioning of multiple wagers.


Crap refers to a casino game that makes use of dice. It also refers to the numbers 2, 3, or 12 at the come out dice roll in craps games.

Crap Out

Crap out refers to when a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled on the come to our dice roll. Crapped out is used interchangeably with Seven Out.

Crapless Craps

Crapless Craps refers to a Craps game variant unique to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. In this variant, 2, 3, 11, and 12 form points rather than craps.


Dead in craps terms means no craps players are at the craps tables.


A dealer in craps terms refers to the casino staff in charge of all wagers made on their half of the table. When a free odds bet, a place bet or a lay bet is being made, the dealer collects the chips from the player and positions the wager on the table.

Dice are in the Middle

Dice are in the middle means the dice are positioned before the Boxman and on top of the Proposition wagers at the table. This is a point where the players place their bets.

Don’t Come Bet

A don’t come bet refers to a don't pass wager made following the come out dice roll in craps.

Don’t Pass Bet

It is the direct opposite of the Pass wager. The don't pass wager will win on a 1 or 3 while a 7 or 11 will be a loss. It is a bet made just prior to the come out dice roll and wins when the player rolls any other number. The win is subjected to if he sevens out before the player hits their point. The player loses the bet if they make their point.

Double Odds

Double odds refers to an odds wager that is twice the initial come or pass wager. Some casinos allow much higher odds into 5, 10, or 100x odds.

Down Behind

Down behind is a phrase used to notify a don't bettor of their lost wager.

Down the Middle

Down the middle is also called straight out. It refers to the center of the craps table where the 6th player position is.

Down with Odds

Down with odds refers to when the craps dealer is paying off a player’s place wager and shifting that player’s come wager to a particular number. This act shows that the wager is covered. It is a statement and an action carried out by the dealer.

Downtown Odds

Downtown odds means preferable craps payoffs/odds on proposition and place wagers on 8 and 6. It is similar to downtown Las Vegas casino odds.


Duke or Duker refers to when a huge amount of money enters a craps game unexpectedly. When this occurs, the boxman and the dealer gear up for the action at the table to get heavy. It usually occurs with more than one big betting player in the game and comes from either end of the table. Dealers also use up to five gambling chip denominations.


Eyeballs in Craps terms refers to when a player rolls a pair of aces or a cumulative 2- 1 and 1.

Field Bet

A field bet refers to a craps wager on the next dice roll being a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. Even money wagers include 3, 4, 9, and 11 while 2 and 12 typically pay two-to-one. Some casinos can replace 9 with 5 in the field wager while other casinos pay three-to-one for either 2 or the 12, not both.

Fifty Yard Line

It refers to the center of the craps table. A fair roll in Craps game happens when a shooter rolls the dice beyond the fifty-yard line.


Fill refers to when the house bank at the craps table is refilled by the casino. When this occurs, the dealers and boxman count and songs off on it with guards present.

Flat Bet

A flat bet refers to a player’s contract/initial wager prior to taking or laying odds. It also means when a player makes recurring wagers of sane denomination instead of fluctuating amounts.

Free Odds

Free odds means odds bet. It can also be called true odds.


The garden in Craps terms refers to the field on the table.


George in Craps terms refers to the player that tips the dealer repeatedly.


Hand-in refers to a tip given to the craps dealers. It usually occurs when a player is cashing out and exiting the table or during/following a good roll.

Hard Way

A hard way refers to craps wager on 4, 6, 8, or 10. This wager wins when two of the numbers come up from a roll like two 2s to form a 4.

Hawking the Dice

Hawking the Dice refers to when the craps dealer watches as the dice are rolled to the other side of the table. Dealers are to focus on their side of the table for better service and game protection.


Hi-lo in craps terms means a one dice roll wager on both a 2 and 12.


It refers to a one-dice roll wager placed on 2, 11, and 12.

Hit a Brick

Hit a brick is used to mean when a rolled die or dice hits a gambling chips stack which stops them from rolling on the full table. It is a statement announced by the stickman at the table.


Hook refers to the 4th and 5th player positions at the table. They are positioned near the table corner and are often called outside and inside hooks.

Hop Bet

A Hop bet refers to a wager on the next dice roll giving a specific combination, like a hopping hard 8 as in a pair of 4s.

Horn Bet

A horn bet refers to a wager on the next dice roll giving a 2, 3, 11, or 12.

Horn High

Horn high refers to a craps wager placed on 2, 3, 11, or 12. One of the picked numbers has over one unit wager on it.

Hot Table

A hot table refers to a craps table where craps players are winning. Such wins usually include pass line, come, and place wagers.

House Bank

House bank refers to the stack of gambling chips before a boxman and between the dealers at the table. It is used to pay color-ins and winnings.


Inside in craps terms refers to 5, 6, 8, and 9.

Insurance Bet

An insurance bet in Craps is a wager placed to pay off on the account of another wager loss. It is also known as a Hedge bet.

Jam Up

A jam-up in Craps terms refers to when the action in the game slows the game down. It happens when there’s heavy proposition wagering in the center of the table.


Juice in craps terms refers to a commission fee placed on some bets. It is also called Vigorish.


Key in Craps terms refers to a mathematical equation craps dealers use to calculate unclear proposition wager payouts.


The knot in Craps terms means a player’s cash that is usually rolled up using a rubber band.


Lammers refer to markers used to signify buy and lay wagers as off or on. It is a plastic marker used to track the whole amount of money in the drop. The tracking is done by the boxman.

Late Bet

Late bet in Craps terms refers to a wager made following the dice being sent out or when the dice are still in the air. When the wager is placed, the boxman calls out a bet or no bet depending on the validity of the bet.

Lay Bet

A lay bet in Craps refers to when a player bets on a 7 is the outcome of a dice roll before the point being rolled for is gotten.

Lay Odds

Laying odds refers to an odds wager made following the establishment of the point and players making the don’t pass wager.

Lights Out

Lights out refer to the reminder given to dealers to shift the marker to the black side which is the off position. This reminder is given by the stickman.

Line Bet

Line bet in Craps refers to a wager on the pass line or the don’t pass line which is a required wager for a shooter to shoot the dice.

Little Joe

Little Joe refers to when a total of four is rolled in a Craps game.

Lock it Up

Lock it up in Craps terms is a dealer slang used to mean when the loose and scattered gambling chips are rearranged into their stacks or the house bank.


Lumo refers to a dealer having difficulties handling a Craps table with heavy action.

Marker Puck

The marker puck refers to a plastic disk used to note the point number on the table. Prior to the come out dice roll, the marker is placed with the ‘off’ side facing up. It means that the place and free odds wagers have no action.


Midnight refers to a Craps wager on the next dice roll giving a 12.

Monster Roll

Monster roll refers to any player roll in a Craps game that lasts beyond 20 minutes or wins huge amounts of money.


The mop refers to the stick used to move the dice on the table by the stickman.

Nina Ross

Nina ross refers to when a total of 9 is rolled.

No Bet

No bet refers to when the dice are unsuccessfully rolled. It is a statement announced by the Craps dealer or boxman when a die is interrupted, lands short, or cocked.


Odds wagers are also known as free odds bets. Odds wagers are wagers added to the pass and don’t pass wagers and are made prior to a shooter establishing their point. These bets are paid with no additional advantage to the house. Limits vary between casinos on the payout odds and wager amounts.

Odds Off

Odds off refers to a situation when free odds wagers are not working. The free odds wagers are typically turned off on the come out dice roll except if the player specifies to get their odds working. Where the come odds wagers are off, the shooter gets their money back if the dice roll gives a 7.


Off in Craps terms refers to marker pucks or Lammers that are placed on players’ wagers to signify they’re inactive.

Off and On

Off and on refers to how payout for winning come wagers on numbers with positioned wagers by the Craps dealers.


On is a Craps term referring to marker pucks or Lammers placed on wagers to signify they’re at risk or working.

One on the Rail

One on the rail refers to when a die that rolled off the craps table is set back on the rail for the boxman’s inspection before it goes back into play. It is a statement the dealer announces to the boxman.


Outside in Craps terms refers to 4, 5, 9, and 10.

Ozzie and Harriet

Ozzie and Harriet refer to when a hard 8 on a pair of 4s is rolled.


Parlay in Craps terms refers to when a player rides their winnings into the next wager.


A pass in Craps is the same as a pass line wager and a pass wager. It is a wager that requires a 7 or 11 on the come out dice roll or a player makes the established point before rolling a 7, to win.

Past Posting

Past posting refers to when a wager is placed following the dice being rolled and stopped or placing a bet on the don't line following the point being established. It is considered an unlawful maneuver in Craps.

Paying Behind

Paying behind refers to when the dealer is paying the winning don't wagers.


Pips refer to the white dots on the dice.


The pit refers to the casino area where the craps tables are.

Place Bet

Place bet refers to a wager on a specific point or number being rolled before a 7.

Player Position

Player position means the places at the table where players are to play. A standard Craps table layout provides for 8 positions on both ends of the table. Placement of wagers and winning payout follows the arrangement.


The point refers to when a shooter rolls a 4, 5, 8, 9, or 10. The number rolled becomes the point. The number has to be rolled again before the shooter gets a 7.

Power Press

Power press refers to a wagering method for maximizing place wagers parlays in Craps games.

Press Your Bet

Press your bet means doubling your wager on a win or letting it ride.


Pressure in Craps terms refers to doubling a wager on a winning wager.


Protection in Craps terms means the game protection or ways in which the staff watch and handle the Craps table. The boxman is in charge of confirming dice roll results and monitors the payoffs from the end of the dice roll. The stickman monitors the dealer’s payoffs on the side of the table the dice were thrown from and also takes care of proposition bets. The dealer handles their end.

Proposition Bet

Proposition wagers are the hardways and the one roll wagers in the center of the table.


Rack refers to the rail placed around the table. It is where players place their chips.


Rail refers to the area of the players’ position at the table.

Right Bettor

Right bettor refers to players that wager on the pass line rather than the don’t pass line.

Rip and Tear

Rip and Tear refer to extreme tips hustling techniques used by dealers.


Rounded in Craps refers to when the winning payoff totals up to half of a dollar amount when rounded down to the nearest even dollar.

Save the Odds

Save the odds is a reminder to dealers to pay come bet odds following the come out dice roll that gives a 7. It is a statement the stickman announces.

Self Service

Self-service is a Craps term that means the Field wagers, Big Six, and Big Eight. They're placed close to the players and not handled by the dealers.


Service refers to how the boxman and dealer cooperate to arrange particular betting patterns rightly for players and push the payouts within the winning player’s reach.

Seven Out

Seven out refers to when the shooter gets a 7 following the establishment of the point. When this occurs, the next shooter takes the dice.


Shooter refers to the player rolling the dice at the table. The shooter must place a line wager to roll the dice.

Single Odds

Single odds refers to the amount of the initial pass or come wager. Some casinos offer better or double the odds.


Skinny is a wager on any 7. It is used interchangeably with big red.

Sleeper Bet

A Sleeper bet refers to a wager unintentionally abandoned by a player at the table.

Snake Eyes

Snake eyes refer to when two ones or a total of two is rolled.

Still Up

Still up is a statement announced by the dealer. It refers to when the dealer requires a player’s wager preference or reminds a player of an active wager.

Strip Odds

Strip odds mean the lower payoff odds for prop wagers, place wagers, big six, and big eight.

Square Pair

Square pair refers to a hard 8 on a pair of 4s.


Stacks refer to the dealer’s chips. The dealer’s chips are usually in different denominations.


The stickman refers to the casino staff at the table in charge of giving the shooter the dice and the dice roll results. This person is also in charge of placing and paying proposition wagers.


A stroker refers to a player that causes difficulties for the dealer and hustling bets at the table.


A stiff refers to a player that doesn’t tip.

Table Odds

Table odds is a player’s free odds wager amount compared to the pass line wager.

Taking Odds

Table odds refers to placing an odds wager in a Craps game.

Three Way Craps

A three-way craps wager refers to a horn wager without the 11 wager. It is a wager with three parts, 1 on 2, 1 on 3, and 1 on 12.

Three Way Seven

Three-way seven refers to when a player places a wager on any 7.

Tidy the Bowl

Tidy the bowl refers to a statement made to the stickman to put the supplement dice in the bowl in a neat row.


A token refers to the term used by dealers to mean a tip.

True Odds

True odds refer to the actual odds of getting any number from a dice roll.


A tub is a smaller Craps table for one or two dealers usually found in smaller casinos.


Turn about is a statement announced by the stickman to signify the dice moving to the next shooter on the other side of the table.

Turning the Dice

Turning the dice refers to when the stickman sets the dice in the table center turning them such that they’re not sent to the shooter with a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 visible.

Two Way Eleven

Two-way eleven refers to when a player wagers on an 11 for the dealers and him/herself.

Two Way Parlay

Teo way parlay refers to when a parlay wager is made by a player on their behalf and the dealers.

Two Rolls and no Coffee

It refers to a shooter who sevens out following two dive rolls.

Up Pops the Devil

It refers to a wager on the next dice roll giving a 7, as in a 5 and 2.

Value for Monet Bet

It refers to a wager placed with a low house advantage.


Vig/vigorish means the house commissions taken on a specific wager.


The wall refers to the wall at both ends of the table which shooters hit the dice with for a valid dice roll. It is also called a back wall.


Whack in Craps terms refers to making a player lose.


Whip in Craps terms refers to the stickman’s stick used for his duties in a craps game.

Working Bets

Working bets refer to live wagers or wagers that are in action.


A whirl refers to five wagers in one wager on the next dice roll giving a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. Each number has a unit wagered on it.

Wrong Bettor

A wrong bettor refers to a player that wagers on don’t come or don’t pass.


Yo is also called Yo-leven. It refers to the number 11 separating it from the number 7.