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Bonuses, Loyalty Schemes, & Rewards

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus, also referred to as a sign-up bonus, is an incentive to new players for opening an account on a gambling site. Some platforms offer welcome bonuses from $10 to $100. Always read the terms and conditions for using a welcome bonus.

Tip: Always read the terms and conditions for using a welcome bonus.

What's a no deposit bonus?

This is an incentive that does not require a deposit before you can use it. Players can use no-deposit bonuses to wager on selected or all casino games. These bonuses also come with terms and conditions.

How do I get into a loyalty/VIP program?

Players can join a loyalty or VIP program by increasing the number of times and money spent on casino games. Most casinos offer loyalty/VIP programs to long-term gamblers on the platform. Loyalty programs often come with perks like** entry into special events, exclusive bonuses, free spins, and access to tournaments**.

What rewards can I expect at NJ Online Casinos?

Players can receive the following rewards at a New Jersey online casino;

  • Free spins
  • Premium tickets to shows and vacations
  • Luxury dining experience
  • Access to exclusive tournaments
  • Exclusive prize draws
  • Birthday bonuses
  • Cash milestone bonuses

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are attached to most bonuses. It is the number of times you have to play before you can withdraw your earnings. Online casinos store all your winnings from bonuses, and will not release them until you fulfill the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements may vary from 10x to 50x. 10x to 20x wagering requirements are often preferable and easier to achieve.

Why Should I Play Online?

Playing online casino games is a more convenient option than playing at land-based casinos. Furthermore, you gain access to more game variety and lots of promotions and bonuses. Online casinos offer bonuses for simple actions like registering an account or depositing funds. You also have the opportunity to protect yourself from shady elements lurking in land-based casinos.

What Banking Methods Can I Use?

You'll find the following banking methods in most online casinos:

Online Bank Transfer

Most bet platforms allow you to deposit or withdraw funds via online bank transfers. You must connect your bank account to the platform’s online banking billpay feature to use this option. Furthermore, ensure your bank has a billpay feature too. The Bank of America, Chase, Capital One 360, HSBC, PNC, Santander, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citi, are examples of banks with this option.

Instant eChecks

You can directly fund your accounts by connecting your checking to a third-party payment processor. Most New Jersey betting platforms use VIP Preferred as a third-party payment processor for all instant eChecks. To use the instant eChecks, register an account on VIP Preferred and save your information on it. Next, request a deposit from VIP Preferred to your betting account.


The PayNearMe option enables you to cash your winnings at an affiliated land-based store. To use this option for a deposit, you must select the “PayNearMe'' option and generate a barcode. Take the barcode to the betting site’s affiliated retail store to deposit cash.


Paypal is a popular payment option on most betting platforms. You can deposit or withdraw funds by integrating PayPal with your betting account. So, register an account on PayPal using the registration email as your betting account.

Furthermore, you can deposit funds on your PayPal using bank deposit, person-to-person transfer, debit/credit card, and PayPal balance. Note that using different emails for your PayPal and betting accounts will cause issues when withdrawing funds. You can change your PayPal address to match the same email you used for registering on the betting platform.

Credit/Debit Cards

New Jersey sportsbooks allow credit/debit cards for depositing or withdrawing funds. Players can use credit/debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover on most betting platforms.

How quickly can I cash out?

Players can cash out their payouts within 24 hours. However, most online casinos process withdrawal within 48 hours, depending on the selected withdrawal option. Players cashing out via bank transfers may wait for five days to receive their funds. Generally, bank transfers are faster if the player uses the bank as the casino operator.

Can I track my deposits & withdrawals?

Yes. Online casinos keep records of all your withdrawal and deposits. Furthermore, it regularly updates this information. Players may also receive email alerts when they deposit or withdraw from their online casino account.

What makes online casino deposits safe?

Your deposit on online casinos is safe for the following reasons:

  • The online casino has an SSL certificate
  • The casino is licensed and approved by a state's regulatory board
  • The online casino has a partnership with your payment portal.