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How to Gamble Online for Beginners

Online casino games may seem complex or difficult to navigate but they aren't. With a little guidance, almost anyone can enjoy a fun game online. However, new players often have to deal with different rules and regulations when gaming or wagering on their online sports betting sites.

In addition, players may also deal with fake or unlicensed gambling sites. If you plan to game online, it's important that you take some time to learn the rules of the Pennsylvania online gambling industry.

What Age do you need to be to gamble online in Pennsylvania?

Players above 21 years old are eligible to register and play on any online casino registered by the state's licensing agency. However, the age of eligibility is lower with online lottery, racing, or bingo games. The state permits players above 18 to wager and place bets on lotteries and fantasy sports.

How do I register at a Pennsylvania Online Casino?

Residents and non-residents in Pennsylvania can register an account with a licensed gambling operator. While gambling operators typically have a different registration process for onboarding new players, the basic steps for registration on most online sports betting sites include the following;

  1. Visit the official website of your preferred gambling site. Search for the "sign up" or "create an account" tab. Click on it and move to the next step;
  2. Fill out the information; first and last name, mailing address, phone number and home address, and the last four digits of the player's security number;
  3. Create a username and password. Remember to use a secure password.

Gambling sites often require social security numbers to verify the player's name and location.

Once confirmed, type in the bonus code for your preferred betting sites. Pennsylvania gambling operators provide sign-up bonuses for creating an account. For example, players may need to type "PLAYFREE" to access BetMGM's sign-up bonus. Some platforms require players to deposit before accessing their bonuses and promotions.

Check your email for the verification link and sign-in to deposit and play online games.

How do I play casino games online?

You can play casino games online in Pennsylvania by following these steps:

1. Select a Casino

There are over a dozen online casinos in Pennsylvania. Each online casino features different promotions and requirements. So, always check online reviews and complaints before choosing an online casino.

The game catalog is also another important feature to consider. Select casinos with extensive lists of online games. Furthermore, your preferred online casino must have a valid license from the State's regulator board. For instance, online gambling sites in Penn must register with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

2. Install the Casino Software

Download your preferred casino software to your mobile device or desktop. Note that not all casinos have mobile or desktop applications. Some casinos only function on popular browsers like Chrome or Safari.

3. Create an Account

Follow the previous guide to create an account with your preferred site. Follow the specific instructions on the site for the best gambling experience.

4. Make Deposit

Online casinos integrate different payment portals on their site. Select your preferred payment portal and deposit your preferred fund. Some gambling sites have a minimum deposit amount. So, always read the instructions before making a deposit.

5. Check the Game Catalog

Search through hundreds of online casino games divided into popular categories like Blackjack, Poker, Craps, and Bingo.

6. Download Casino Games

As a first-time player, you may need to download and install casino games from the software. The casino software does not have pre-loaded games. So, select and install your preferred games.

When can I withdraw my Bonus Money?

Players can not withdraw bonus money from online casino sites. Instead, players can only withdraw money after staking the bonus money in a casino game.

Furthermore, players must meet the wagering requirement before the expiry date. Players may lose the bonus and the winning amount if they fail to meet the requirements.

Are there withdrawal limits?

Online casinos in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have different withdrawal limits. For example, BetMGM sets its withdrawal limit at $5,000 per week. In contrast, players can withdraw a maximum of $10,000 on FanDuel.

What withdrawal methods are available?

Players can withdraw funds on gambling sites using these payment portals;

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • ACH Transfer/E-check
  • Casino Play+ Card
  • PayNearMe
  • Check VIP Preferred
  • Visa
  • Check
  • Mastercard

What kinds of NJ online games are available?

Online casinos provide access to a variety of games similar to those in land-based casinos. Players will find these popular categories in most online casinos:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Slot
  • Craps
  • Roulette

Online Poker, baccarat, and video poker are card-based games, while roulette and craps are die-based games. Furthermore, players who prefer a real-life gambling experience may choose live dealer casino games.

Slots are one of the most popular online casino games among beginners. It does not require skills or gambling experience; it's a game of chance or luck.

In most cases, you only need to click on a button to play the game. In addition, players can also compete in slot tournaments to win part of a collective payout.

How do progressive jackpots work?

In online gambling, a progressive jackpot is a grand prize that keeps on increasing after subsequent plays without a winner. The cash prize will keep on increasing until a player wins the jackpot. The jackpot will return to a set price when a player wins the progressive jackpot.

What is a payout percentage?

Payout percentage is a player's expected earnings from winning an online casino game. It is often within 78 to 97 percent.

The payout percentage is different for most casinos, and it's usually on a game-by-game basis. For example, the payout percentage for slots is different from that of poker.

How do I make money at the casino?

There's no guarantee that you can make money in casinos. It's a game of chance. However, you can increase your chance of earning money with these steps:

  1. Stop second-guessing yourself

Gambling depends on random chances. It's often advisable to go with gut feelings when playing a game of chance like roulette or slots.

  1. Reduce your risk exposure

Don't get giddy when you're on a winning streak. Learn to take profits early, and cut losses if you're on a losing streak.

Are there limits on wagering amounts?

Players can wager as little as $1 for online casino games like Slot and Blackjack. Online casino games have different minimum limits on wagers.

For example, players may need to wager above $5 for Poker or high-roller games. Some online casinos set a $100 minimum limit and a $4,000 maximum limit for high-stake Blackjack games.

How are live dealer games different?

Live dealer games are different since they involve a real-life dealer. The dealer communicates with players via an online video streaming service. Furthermore, users get to interact with other players on live dealer games.